About Raymond & Yolanda

Raymond Brown is from Salisbury, North Carolina and always had a desire to help people to believe in themselves and to understand they can be all that God intends for them to be.  He remembers finishing high school, becoming a product of the University of A&T in Greensboro, but something was missing.  He wanted to give back more, but how was he going to do that?  As life progressed, he realized that as long as he worked for someone else he would not be able to express himself.  He did not want to build someone else’s dream; he wanted to build his dream.  He started a company, Wall Street International, an office and computer supply company.  He succeeded.  He was living one of his dreams.  But then came Office Depot and he had to start to think about what was next.  He wanted to find a business with little overhead, where he could leverage his time, teach others and create a residual income.  He found that in the Wellness industry.  He is now living his dream and helping others to live younger longer and become prosperous, to live their dream, if they choose too.

Yolanda E. Brown was born in Winston-Salem and now her family resides in Lilesville, North Carolina. At first glance you would not know that Yolanda is a country girl with city girl aspirations. Yolanda has always wanted to be an inspirational speaker, trainer and coach.  She is now doing these things.  She was a Cum Laude Graduate from Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina. Yes, you got it that’s where she met her husband, her best friend, Raymond. They were married and the rat race really began.

“As a corporate executive and consultant, Yolanda spent most of her time traveling.  As the owner and CEO of his own traditional company, Raymond found out that ‘the company owned him’. We had everything we needed at this point in our lives except the one thing that mattered most…quality time together, time freedom.

We got involved with the industry of relationship marketing, part-time at first.  The effort was well worth it, because in 30 months network marketing provided a full-time income stream…and it’s residual so we know we are also taking care of the future.  The Browns still coach and train, and life is about working a business that we both enjoy…we don’t know too many people that can say they are indeed able to develop people.  In Corporate America you can only help a person progress to another level if there is a vacancy or if a job is being created.  But in this industry with Youngevity you have choices. And  as long as someone has the desire and is willing to work, they can progress to whatever level they choose and live whatever lifestyle they choose.