My name is Betty Richardson, I live in Raleigh NC and grew up about 40 miles from here on a farm. I’m blessed to have my family, Dewey Perry who was a childhood friend as my partner for 12 years. I have two beautiful daughters, a handsome grandson and two adorable granddaughters. Although we moved away, most of my immediate family now reside in NC.

Now let me tell you where I was before I was introduced to the Majestic Eagles of Youngevity
I retired from one of the major telecom companies in 2004. I was in the corporate world many years and was fortunate enough to hold several management positions. Most of my career was rewarding from a company standpoint and I enjoyed working with people. But what I didn’t like was after 31 years of service (receiving excellent reviews that stating how much of an asset I was to the company) I received notification in a group meeting that my position along with several others was being eliminated. Fortunately, I was seated on the front row so none of my coworkers could see the expression of shock on my face. I was experiencing first hand Corporate downsizing, right-sizing, side-sizing or whatever you want to call it and at that moment I knew I needed multiple streams of income.

I had been dealing with hot flashes for some years and did not want to use the prescriptions being recommended by the doctors. I know when I read the side effects, they are printed there for a reason. In December of 2015 I was attending a Happy Healthy Hour when a lady shared with me that ZRadical helped her with hot flashes. I couldn’t wait to get it ordered and added to my 90 for Life regiment. After a week of adding ZRadical my hot flashes were gone. My friend had suffered with gout for many years got started with ZRadical at the same time and has not had any more attacks. ZRadical helped with my granddaughter’s ear infections and we avoided tubes in the ears. My granddaughters love the taste of ZRadical and have been taking it since the ages of 5 and 6.

I had my fears of becoming a part of a referral marketing company because my attempts in the past had not achieved the level of success I hoped for. Once I was introduced to Raymond and Yolanda Brown and their proven training system then I received that roadmap for success for providing that other stream of income.

I am grateful for my “Thank You” checks, that additional stream of income. I can now purchase Youngevity products for me, my mom who is 99 and my grandchildren with the extra money from my business. Dewey and I love taking vacations and mini trips with the grands. Time freedom allows me time with my granddaughters enjoying the pool while I continue to help people in my business.

I enjoy listening to people and providing them with information to make life changing decisions on their health, finances and future.